Alberto Biagetti

Alberto Biagetti b. 1971

Juli (/1), 2006
Color digital print
24 x 18 in
The figures designed by Alberto Biagetti and Alessandro Guerriero appear to exist in a state of "permanent continuity", or in other words, in a sequence moving forward to infinity. And in effect, the formula adopted in their creation allows for this. These are designs carried out alongside and around the "surfaces" of a number of naked bodies with results far removed from what would normally be described as "clothes". These garments, despite their fantastical nature, are nonetheless objects of apparel: possibly sculptural and theatrical costumes that are linked to the bodies in questions because they are objects in movement with the form and structure of clothing.

Analogously in Cubist, Futurist and Bauhaus performances, with their rigid costumes that are part and parcel of the stage scenery, the aim is to create a rhythmic relationship between the attired body, movement and the image expressed by a figurative form of clothing. However, where the dynamic succession of Yoox's "dressed nudes" are concerned, the approach is completely different.

The de-eroticised bodies are almost brushed against, untouched by the sequences of networks and symbolic signs that abstractly float before and around them, as if to create the idea of a frigid lack of contact between their parts that appear as immobile holograms. Everything is still. The bodies night be models, but nobody knows, the clothes might be virtual, but nobody can be sure. Everything is pretense - a bit Magritte, with garlands around the body, part illusion, part Egyptian mummy.

A virtuoso game with no limits and where the graphics rule supreme. A project centering on an alphabet of signs is effectively the key to understanding these pseudo-clothes. Shapes that float like the mist, or slither like jelly-fish around bodies artfully awaiting to receive them, as if in a distant, aesthetic, frozen, and dis-emotional ritual.

- Alessandro Mendini

Born in Santarcangelo di Romagna in 1971, designer Alberto Biagetti lives and works in Milan. He opened his atelier in 2003 to focus on work in which the creative disciplines of art, design, fashion, and architecture overlap, aiming to bridge the gap between traditional and digital approaches. Alongside the design and production spaces, the atelier also houses a showroom in which Biagetti and his team exhibit their work.

Biagetti’s incredibly diverse projects range from furniture and interiors to installations, websites, and paintings. Clients over the years have included, Venini, Post Design, and Zerodisegno. Biagetti’s work has been exhibited in esteemed galleries and institutions around the world.


Alessando Guerriero was a force int he Italian architectural landscape in the early 1970's with projects that defied conventions.  In 1976, he created Alchimia, one of the most influential movements in the evolution of post avant-garde Italian design.  After being awarded the Compasso d'Oro in 1982, Guerriero founded the Domus Academy in Italy and in 1995 collaborated with Philippe Starck, Michele de Lucchi, Coop Himmelblau and Alessandro Mendini for the Museum of Art in Groningen, Holland.  In January 2005, Guerriero curated the Dressing Ourselves exhibition, designed by Alberto Biagetti at La Triennale, Milan.  Presently, he is the director of the New Academy of Art (NABA).

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