100% Cotton | A Solo Exhibition by Andrew Cotton

100% Cotton


New Works by Andrew Cotton


Sept 15 – Oct 16, 2022



New River Fine Art is proud to announce “100% Cotton”- A Solo Exhibition by Andrew Cotton features the split-portrait portrayals that have gained the artist international recognition along with new text-based works, abstract paintings, collaged surfboards, vintage Americana, gorgeous pinups, Hollywood icons, and coastal beach scenes, opening September 15, 2022, and running through October 16, 2022. 


“100% Cotton”- New Works by Andrew Cotton shows a resourceful artist in tune with his own artistic practices.  Cotton embraces his coveted family lineage and formulaically calculates the building of his own brand with a narrower and more focused mindset to produce artwork that successfully blends pop culture, nostalgia, friendships, and kinships – a culmination where his authenticity is key for success. 


As the title indicates, New River Fine Art explores the genuine and authentic story behind the artist, while showing the au courant of his work. Through the artwork, text, and gallery ephemera, we bear witness to the artist’s rise from an unknown street artist to a highly collected Contemporary fine artist.  The curatorial stance briefly touches on the artist’s more formative years after he departs the U.K. to arrive in the United States to sell graffiti-inspired Pop Art on the streets of New York City, before energetically progressing to showcase his current body of work. 


“As an artist, I am drawn to the free spirit of America,” says Cotton, describing his decision to move from London to New York City at the age of 24 to pursue a full-time art career in the United States. 


Andrew Cotton’s artwork has made tangible waves at many renowned art fairs as represented by New River Fine Art. And previously, his signature aesthetic had caught the eye of rapper and record executive, Jay-Z, who would become one of Cotton’s earliest A-List collectors.  More high-caliber clients would follow as Cotton developed his mature visual voice as seen in “100% Cotton” - at New River Fine Art. 


On Sept. 15, 2022! Andrew Cotton will be on hand to meet guests and talk about his work. Guests can explore the gallery and admire all the pieces on exhibit. There is something for everyone in this show - from witty text-based works to stunning abstract paintings.

The split-portrait portrayals are certainly intriguing; half painted and half photographic large-scale print, they offer an interesting juxtaposition of styles. The text-based works are also worth a closer look; provocative and often humorous, they provide a unique insight into the artist's psyche.

But it's the abstract paintings that really stand out as something new; bold and expressive, they convey a sense of raw emotionality that is truly captivating. If you're looking for something new and exciting to get your teeth into, be sure to check out Andrew Cotton's latest exhibition - 100% Cotton at New River Fine Art.



822 E Las Olas Blvd
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301
822 E Las Olas Blvd
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301
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