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New River Fine Art Hosts Stonewall National Museum, 

Archives, and Library Fundraiser


Ft. Lauderdale, FL – New River Fine Art announced a fundraiser for the Stonewall National Museum, Archives, and Library to take place on June 29, 2023, the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots.  The fundraiser will feature an exhibition from artist Elliot Tiber, who was a key figure in Woodstock and an early advocate for LGBTQ rights.


Elliot Tiber lived a dual life - on weekdays as an openly gay man and successful interior designer in Greenwich Village.  He was active in the gay community, socializing with many musicians, actors, poets, and writers, including Marlon Brando and Tennessee Williams. On weekends Tiber lived as a straight man in Bethel, NY, to help his parents at their motel. In June 1969, he participated in the Stonewall Inn uprising, where gays and lesbians, tired of being harassed and targeted by the police, fought with the NYPD for six days, which many consider to be the start of the Gay Rights Movement.


A month later, Elliot learned that an art and music festival planned for the town of Wallkill, NY, had lost its permit just thirty days prior to the event’s start. Elliot possessed a permit and helped introduce the festival producers to Max Yasgur, the owner of a 600-acre dairy farm and the Woodstock Art & Music Festival was saved! 


Although Elliot held two fine art degrees and studied with some of the best abstract expressionists in America, including Rothko, Reinhardt, and Motherwell, he never became famous for his own art, largely because he kept it secluded at home.  In 2016, Tiber met Frank Gromling, a successful publisher and art gallerist, who promptly signed on to become his agent.  


Sadly, Tiber died three months later.  "Elliot and I carved out an aggressive art marketing campaign featuring his fabulous personality and humor,” states Gromling. “His death three months later brought our plans to a screeching halt while I researched how best to keep my promise for his art. Elliot's story needs to be told so others in the LGBTQ community can learn from the successes and failures of this iconic leader who proudly followed his heart.”


This fundraiser marks the first time Tiber’s art will be exhibited publicly.  “In interesting times, art has a way of breaking through and reminding us of what is important,” said Robert Kesten, Executive Director of the Stonewall National Museum, Archives, and Library.  “Here is an artist who has transcended those messages across various platforms, and we are indeed honored and privileged to be beneficiaries of this show and first public exhibition.


A portion of all sale proceeds will go to the Stonewall National Museum, Archives, and Library. For more information, high resolution images or to schedule interviews with Lisa Burgess, Frank Gromling or Robert Kesten, please contact New River Fine Art.


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